CLASSES | Tendu Toning

Tendu Toning is Speck Fitness’s revolutionary fusion workout that combines the toning of ballet with the strength of body building. After retiring from being a professional ballerina, Rachel, creator of Tendu Toning, wanted a way to maintain her long, lean body, but she also wanted to help others like you achieve a ballet body without spending years in ballet training. Tendu Toning is derived from her innovative ballet technique combined with weights, resistance, and increased repetitions to maximize results in a short amount of time.

Arabesque grande battements and second position plie‘ glides are just some of the fun ballet fitness moves you will perform with Tendu Toning. A simple ballet step called an attitude, when combined with weights and repetitions, is one form of how the Tendu Toning method is designed to give you long, lean muscles. Most workouts only focus on one part of the body at a time. Ballet dancers though, utilize their whole body to execute each step. That’s why in Tendu Toning, each exercise requires the use of the whole body to work in unison to maintain stability and to perform the step.

Also in our daily lives, we use the front of the body more than the back, when the back of the body is the most important. It helps us to have good posture, and some of the biggest muscles are on the back side which means they should be the strongest. For example, the average person sits at a desk all day which means their glutes are in-active and their posture is poor. In ballet, the glutes are active at all times to maintain turnout and give power to turns and leaps. The hardest part of ballet is making it look easy. Dancing requires more cardio and stamina than running a race, but it has to look beautiful at the same time. Every movement in ballet comes from the back, so if the back doesn’t stay strong, the whole body gives out making the dancing look very sloppy. Rachel wanted Tendu Toning to reap every benefit from ballet which is why every exercise strengthens and uses the back in one way or another, whether it’s in a tabletop position or lifted up as high as possible.

Tendu Toning provides a workout like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Tendu Toning was created for ballet dancers to get stronger, and for the average woman to achieve a ballerina body. Private training available for students and adults, as well as group classes daily. Master classes available for gyms and dance schools. Tendu Toning is now an official certification and is registered with AFAA and NASM where you can receive CEUs.

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