"Rachel is an excellent trainer who is truly invested in her client's success. Since working with Rachel, I've realized, or well on my way to achieving, all of my goals from weight loss & toning to overall better fitness. There was a time that I loathed running, and now I'm registered for my first 5K. All thanks to Rachel.... Enjoliqué"

"“Tendu Toning is amazing. I had my first baby 9 months ago and a friend recommended this workout to me. It was very challenging at first. Now, months later, it is easier because I am so much stronger. I used this dvd about 4-5x per week for about 7 months. During that time, I lost 30lbs, almost all of my baby weight, and an incredible 17 inches! I noticed the most inches were lost around my thighs and hips, 2 of my main problem areas. I highly recommend this workout for everyone of all fitness levels. One of the background girls does a modified version of most of the exercises so you can follow her until you are stronger. My legs especially have become so much stronger and toned from this workout and that has really helped me with running. Rachel is very serious that you can get long, lean muscles from this workout. I have seen the reults first hand. Thank you for such a great workout!” Marta W.

"“Rachel is fantastic. Period. I’ve been working with her for 4 years and I’ve done both personal training with her and taken her Tendu Toning and pilates classes. She understands your fitness goals and can help you shape them in addition to effectively achieving them. She’s extremely supportive, easy to work with and flexible and wants to make the workout the most effective for you that it can be. She’s always coming up with new workouts and styles and she’s very knowledgable about her industry, trends, nutrition, and fitness generally. I couldn’t be more confident recommending her.” -Jaclyn H.

"“Although we only started with Miss Rachel a few weeks ago, we already saw great improvement on my daughter. Miss Rachel identified what my daughter needed at the first lesson, and immediately tailored exercises for her to work on weakness. She is also very detailed and corrects my daughter’s moves and postures carefully at lessons. Rachel is very nice, patient, gentle, and sweet to work with. My daughter enjoys the lessons with her all the time.” -Yan

"“Rachel was my trainer when I lived in Miami and she was amazing. Not only was she a sweetheart, but she was very knowledgable about fitness and nutrition. I recently purchased her Tendu Toning DVD and what can I say....wow it was so great! She knows her stuff and she targets all the muscles. It was very different than any other dvd that i had purchased in the past. I love it! Thank you Rachel for creating something that’s different than the rest and gives you a full body workout.” -Helen T.

"“I’ve never been into barre workouts, but I decided to give this a try. So happy I did because it’s nothing like all the other boring barre workouts I’ve done before. It really is like it says. A fusion of ballet and fitness. Very challenging, but also lots of modifications for beginners. I would highly recommend it if you’re bored with your workouts and want to try something new and completely different.” -Raquel C.

"“About a year ago friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join her at her bootcamp class. My first reaction was “heck no” I’m not interested in pushing tires, dragging chains or attempting to climb a rope! She asked me to just come try it and see for myself that it was nothing like that. Well I did, and here I am still hooked on Rachel’s class. Boot camp is really nothing more than a neatly choreographed class using cardio, weights, bands, and your own body weight to tone your body and burn fat. I love our instructor Rachel and the class. -She is educated in the field and knows what she is talking about. -She is a wealth of exercise and nutrition information -She always modifies the exercise based on a persons’ bility. -She walks the walk. She is in amazing shape but doesn’t act like a jerk :) -Her prices are reasonable. -The class is always on time. -The class is challenging but fun. -The class is NEVER the same. I’m extremely happy with the results I’ve seen since participating in boot camp. Rachel’s class has also taught me many exercises that i now do on my own. The class is for ladies only, not that I mind being in a coed class, but it is fun to share time with just the ladies. I challenge anyone to give it a try for a week. I bet you stick around too! If you come, ask Rachel to do the splits! She’s an amazing ballerina!” -Marnie G.

"“I’ve never done a workout like this before, but I absolutely loved it! I did ballet when I was a little girl, so it made me feel like I was a ballerina again. It’s not too much ballet though. Definitely a lot of fitness in it too. The combo kit was great because it came with all the equipment I needed and didn’t have to go buy anything else. Also, all the equipment was pink!! So cute!!” -Abigail W.

"“Rachel is an amazing personal trainer, dedicated to give you the best. I have been working out with her for a couple of months and my body is looking amazing. Don’t look any further. She’s a gem!! Thank you Rachel.” -Carolina S.

"“I saw a facebook comment that a friend of mine had made on Speck Fitness’ page regarding the bootcamp and was intrigued. I have started eating better and had lost some weight, so i asked what it entailed. I needed to see if it was something i could handle. I’m so glad I went and tried it. I’m hooked after a couple of classes. They are just a whole lot of fun to do. Rachel does an awesome job of watching us and making each one of us push ourselves just a bit harder. New body her I come.” -Dolores W.

"“Tendu Toning is incredible! If you’re looking for an easy to follow and high reward workout that targets all the right areas, you should get this dvd. Rachel Speck clearly is a master in her field and I highly recommend this program.” -Jackie

"“I have been working out with Rachel for many years and have never felt as healthy as I do because of her fantastic workout class! Rachel has inspired me to eat healthier, be healthier, and take great care of my body! She is an inspiration for anyone who wants to have a toned body! I’m addicted to her workout class in the park! I have met a great group of girls in her class. I now have a new group of great friends thanks to Rachel’s boot camp. She gives you individual tips on what to do for your body and needs. I am so grateful for her class because she tailors it to your individual needs. Thanks Rachel for all that you do for your boot camp girls!!!!!” -Cathy C.

"“Rachel of Speck Fitness is a fabulous trainer who keeps you motivated even when you don’t feel like going. She challenges you to do better and keeps the classes interesting, with a balance of pilates styles, stretches, and her new ballet fitness class, Tendu Toning. Your core will feel stronger, and your muscles will feel toned. I have been going for almost 2 years and I definitely see a difference, and when I have missed a few weeks, I see that I need to go back. I would recommend this workout for anyone because she modify the routine for your individual needs. It can’t hurt to try it! No need for females to be intimidated with our group workout session because it’s all women. See ya there!” Melanie G.