One of the most important things to becoming a professional ballerina, besides flawless technique, is cross training and conditioning. Most schools either don’t do it at all, or they do the wrong types of exercises for dancers. After Rachel retired from dancing, it became her mission to create a workout specifically for dancers to get stronger and more conditioned, but without making them lose their flexibility or lean muscles. That trademarked workout is called Tendu Toning®️. Cross training is a very difficult thing to do right with a dancer. So many exercises will strengthen the wrong muscles, or even bulk them, which is very bad for a dancer. With Tendu Toning®️, Rachel has dancers do exercises very similar to the ones they do in a ballet class, but with added weights, resistance, and repetitions for increased strength and conditioning. With  Tendu Toning®️, dancers will increase flexibility, gain a stronger core, achieve better balance, control their port de bras, get more power and strength in their legs and feet for jumps and pointe, increase their speed and overall control, and so much more. She offers private Tendu Toning®️ training for her students and dancers from local ballet and dance schools. Group classes are available too, as well as, master classes at different schools and summer programs.

Private lessons and private group lessons available.

– $70 per hour for private lessons
– $45 per person for 1 hour partner session
– $25 per hour for a group lesson for 3 or more
So, what are you waiting for? Call today to get your dancer the proper training and conditioning to be the best they can be!