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Class Descriptions

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Tendu Toning Barre Fitness

Traditional Tendu Toning

If you’re looking for a traditional class, then this one is for you! Barre Fitness follows the original Tendu Toning format. Tendu Toning is a revolutionary workout that combines ballet with fitness, created by former professional ballerina and owner of Speck Fitness, Rachel Speck.

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The entire workout is derived from all original ballet technique combined with weights, resistance, cardio, and a lot more repetitions are added to each step to achieve the desired results in a short amount of time. Arabesque grande battements and 2nd position plie’ glides are just some of the fun ballet fitness moves you will be performing. Tendu Toning is like nothing you’ve seen before, and this total body workout will transform your body into a toned, ballet body like no other workout.

Tendu Toning HIIT Barre

Tendu Toning with a Cardio Boost

Do you love the traditional Tendu Toning class, but want some extra cardio? HIIT Barre is the class for you then!

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HIIT Barre is a fusion of the original Tendu Toning format with HIIT (high intensity interval training). This class is formatted into 5 circuits with a traditional barre exercise then a low impact cardio and ab sequence between each barre exercise. This class never gets boring and always goes by fast since you are always moving from cardio to pulses at the barre. Any level is welcome to take this class due to the cardio being all low impact, and every exercise having modifications to make it easier or harder depending on your fitness level and goals.

Tendu Toning Barre Pilates

Tendu Toning with Extra Core Work

Do you want to get some extra core work? Barre Pilates is the class for you! Barre Pilates is a fusion of Mat Pilates with the traditional Tendu Toning barre exercises.

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The first half of the class is performed standing doing the original barre moves, but only using the barre if needed to put more emphasis on balance and stability. The 2nd half of the class will continue on the mat for a traditional ab and butt Pilates series. This class is great for anyone who has injuries or is a beginner since a lot of the workout is performed on the mat, but it is also very challenging for an advanced student!

Tendu Toning Ultimate Barre

Advanced Tendu Toning

Are you a Tendu Toning Barre regular and ready to take it to the next level or love weight classes? The Ultimate Barre class is for you then! The Ultimate Barre class is the best of both worlds!

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You get all of the Barre favorites with heavier weights and cardio. This class is definitely advanced, however beginners are welcome to take it because each move can be modified. Get ready to lift heavy weights, do bursts of low impact cardio, pulse, and of course tighten and tone your booty with traditional Tendu Toning Barre exercises. This class is your one stop shop to work your arms, legs, abs, and get your cardio in all at the same time for a total body workout.


A calorie-burning dance fitness class

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