Welcome to Tendu Toning®️, Speck Fitness’s revolutionary, fusion workout that combines the lengthening and flexibility of ballet with the strength and toning of weight training. After retiring from being a professional ballerina, Rachel, the creator of Tendu Toning®️ wanted a way to maintain her long, lean body, but also help others like you achieve a ballet body without spending years in ballet training. Tendu Toning®️ is derived from her innovative ballet technique combined with weights, resistance and increased repetitions to maximize results in a short amount of time.

Arabesque grande battements and second position plie’ glides are just some of the fun ballet fitness moves you will be performing in this workout. A simple ballet step called an attitude, when combined with weights and repetitions is one form of how the Tendu Toning®️ method is designed to give you long, lean muscles. Tendu Toning®️ provides a workout like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Tendu Toning®️ is available as a workout for women, but also as a cross training and conditioning workout for dancers. Tendu Toning®️ can be done as a group class or as private training. Tendu Toning®️ is now also available for youth. Speck Fitness has released 3 full hour Tendu Toning®️ workout dvds and downloads which are sold worldwide.

Tendu Toning Classes

Tendu Toning DVDs

Tendu Toning Certification Program
Tendu Toning®️ is now also available as certification program approved
by NASM and AFAA for anyone who would like to teach the Tendu Toning®️ method.