Speck Fitness Ballet School is owned and run by former professional ballerina, Rachel Speck. Rachel received her ballet training from Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, one of the top 5 best ballet schools in the entire world, and Miami City Ballet, another top school and professional company. After dancing professionally, and training at some of the best ballet schools in the world, Rachel is one of the top people in the area to acquire outstanding ballet training and technique from.

Speck Fitness’ Ballet School offers ballet classes for children 2 ½ and up. We currently do 2 shows per year. One show is an onstage production, and the other one is an end of the year showcase. We also do a five-week ballet intensive every summer, open to current students and new students from other schools. We also offer private lessons ages 3 and up. Rachel is very hands on and teaches every single class and level from her 3-year olds to her most advanced students to ensure the quality of ballet training. She also works with students from all of the dance schools in the area on improving their technique, pointe work, and even competition prep.

So many dancers and schools are just concerned about doing a million pirouettes, but don’t care if it looks good. Rachel goes back to basics and works on turnout, feet, posture and arms, and all the details in a ballerina’s technique that make those pirouettes look flawless. Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, the school where Rachel received her training, is known for having absolutely perfect turnout and technique, which is why most of their dancers become professionals in all of the major ballet companies in the world, and why the school has been around for over 60 years. Rachel uses those same training methods that she learned over the 12 years she trained there with her students today. She follows the same class structure, combinations, and exercise breakdown to try to ensure the same caliber of training that CPYB provides. Her moto is, “If you can do it slow, then fast is easy.”

  • "Kind, knowledgable, dedicated, professional, and committed to excellence!  My daughter and I have worked with Speck Fitness now for 6 years and have always received superior service, guidance, and expertise in both fitness and ballet.”

    - Michelle Mendez-Langberg
  • “My daughter has been doing ballet with Ms. Rachel for 4 years now.  She has learned so much from an incredible teacher. Ms. Rachel is dedicated towards her students to keep improving as ballerinas. My daughter is so strong because of this class. She loves ballet because of her teacher.  Thank you, Ms. Rachel!”

    - Lisa California
  • “I’m so happy with the progress I have seen in my daughters in the last 2 years.  They have learned good techniques and skills from a professional ballerina.”

    - Paola Pestana
  • "My daughters have been attending ballet classes for years and the dedication, patience, kindness, and love from the teacher is amazing!  Fitness classes for adults and kids are pretty great too!  I love Speck Fitness and highly recommend it to all ages.” - Maria Take
  • “My daughter started ballet classes with Rachel 5 years ago and has loved every class!!  On ballet days she races to get ready and just can’t wait to get there!  Rachel’s professional knowledge and her style of teaching are a rare and wonderful combination.  Her genuine love and passion for ballet is infectious- while her classes are hard my daughter has so much fun and feels a sense of accomplishment with each new thing she learns.  Rachel is teaching these girls to be graceful, strong, and confident.  We are so grateful to Rachel for sharing her love of ballet with our daughter.”

    - Paula Michaelides


3:30–4:30pm Level 2 Ballet

4:30-5:45pm Level 3 & 4 Ballet

6-7pm Tendu Toning®️ Conditioning 

7-8:30pm Level 5,6 & 7 Ballet

4:30-5:30pm Level 5,6 & 7 Pointe

5:30-6:30pm Tendu Toning®️ Conditioning 

3:30-4:30pm Level 1 Ballet

4:30-5:45pm Level 3 & 4 Ballet

6-7pm Tendu Toning®️ Conditioning

7-8:30pm Level 5,6 & 7 Ballet

4:30-5:30pm Level 5,6 & 7 Pointe

5:30-6:30pm Tendu Toning®️ Conditioning

3:30-4:30pm Level 2 Ballet

4:30-5:45pm Level 3 & 4 Pointe

5:45-7:15pm Level 5,6 & 7 Ballet, Pointe & Variations

10:30-11:30am Tendu Toning®️ Conditioning

11:30am-12:30pm Specialty Dance (Latin, lyrical, jazz, contemporary & hiphop)

Ballet classes are separated by level. Levels are based on ability and not age. Each level also has a leotard color dress code. All levels must wear pink tights, pink shoes, and hair must be in a bun.
Level 1  Pink
Level 2  Purple
Level 3  Blue
Level 4  Red
Level 5  Black
Level 6  Green
Level 7 Dark Purple


Prices vary depending on level, class duration, and number of classes per week, but start as low as $20 per hour, per class. Private lessons are available as well. See full price list below.

Ballet School – Monthly Tuition

Level 1 (Pink)
$72/mo for (1) 60min class per week

Level 2 (Purple)
$120/mo for (2) 60min classes per week

Level 3 (Blue)
$160/mo for (2) 75min classes per week

Level 4 (Red)
$225/mo for (3) 75min classes per week

Level 5 (Black)
$350/mo for (4) 60-90min classes per week

Level 6 (Green)
$450/mo for (5) 60-90 min classes

Level 7 (Dark Purple)
$500/mo for Unlimited Ballet, Specialty Dance and Tendu Toning classes


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$50/mo for UNLIMITED Classes

Ballet School – Individual Classes

$20 per class 60min class (recommended for Levels 1-4)

$30 per 90min class (recommended for Levels 5-7)


Specialty Dance classes are led by our trainer Arielle DiSciascio and include lyrical, Latin, contemporary, jazz, & hiphop.

Specialty Dance – Monthly Tuition
$60/mo for (1) 60min class per week

Specialty Dance – Individual Class
$20 (1) 60min class