• "My wife, Jennifer, and I cannot say enough amazing things about Speck Fitness and owner Rachel Speck. We are into our second year with her studio and we have witnessed immense growth from our daughters. Rachel is very attentive to her students and her love for dance is expressed through her teaching, correction and praise for her students. Our daughters often discuss their experiences and lessons in class on the way home or at the dinner table. I like to consider this strong evidence of the impact Speck Fitness is having on them as dancers, performers and children. My wife and I have strong convictions when it comes to the arts. We do not want our daughters to sacrifice their childhood for the sake of anything or anyone. Rachel’s skills as an instructor are only surpassed by her caring nature as a person when it comes to our daughters. We highly encourage you to check out Speck Fitness if you are looking for a place to start or perhaps even a change."

    - Eric Vasquez, Ballet School
  • "Being a student at the Speck Fitness ballet school and a recurring ballerina I can tell you that Rachel is one of a kind. She not only teaches ballet not for us to just do it but for us to make it look beautiful and have the perfect technique while doing it all while having her one of a kind fitness studio that makes you “Ballerina Strong”, but she made me fall in love with ballet again. TRULY there is no one like Ms. Rachel. Thank you..🤗”

    - Amanda Pipping, Ballet School
  • “I thoroughly enjoy attending Tendu Toning classes at Speck Fitness! I get so much out of the classes, and have learned a lot from the instructors. Beth is very approachable! She cares about her participants' progress and takes extra time to explain and demonstrate specific movements after listening to them. I was so nervous before my first class, yet Beth made me feel at ease and made sure to check in with me so I would feel challenged but not overwhelmed. Rina is so encouraging! Her instruction style is supportive and fun. She takes the time to ensure that her participants are comfortable and performing the exercises with correct form. Lexie did a great job instructing as a substitute. She was friendly, encouraging, and provided wise suggestions. I look forward to continuing to make progress and get stronger. I highly recommend the Tendu Toning classes at this studio!”

    - Tammy Cohen, Tendu Toning
  • “Speck Fitness Ballet School is an absolutely amazing studio. I have seen so much improvement in my technique and it is only my second year here. Rachel is an amazing teacher, and I love how she focuses so much on technique. I love being apart of the incredible Speck Fitness family.”

    - Alexis Vasquez, Ballet School
  • I have never been to such an amazing ballet school ! Honestly , do yourself a favor and put any little girl in your life in this school ! My granddaughter had the most magnificent time and she can’t stop talking about ballet class! Thank you , Rachel 💕💕💕

    - Elizabeth, Ballet School
  • My daughter has danced classical ballet for 10 years. Two years ago we discovered Rachel Speck and it’s been an amazing couple of years. Without a doubt Rachel offers THE BEST ballet instruction in Broward county. Rachel is the real deal! Her ability to teach technique, improve technique and inspire young ladies is remarkable. She made my daughter fall in love again with ballet after experiences at a previous studio made her want to stop dancing.

    - Steve Reid, Ballet School
  • Although Rachel Speck is only a teacher of one, she can teach multiple students in both fitness and dance. After my first class of ballet, I noticed very much improvement. Very PROFESSIONAL!! AND, she keeps the studios very clean. The bars are sanitized after EVERY class. I also suggest taking a Tendu Toning class 🙂 Very satisfied!!

    - Stella Huang, Ballet School
  • "Honestly I wish I could post pictures of my booty and let the results speak for themselves. And I’m just a rookie! Rach, you’re a phenomenal trainer and instructor, but more than that, you’re an incredible and genuine person, THANK YOU!"

    - Tendu Toning Barre
  • "Every time I come, I leave feeling like I have a whole different perspective on everything. This class is an excellent physical work out and an even better mental clarity session."

    - Tendu Toning Pilates Barre
  • "This is my absolutely favorite class on ClassPass! Always pushing me beyond what I think are my limits, showing myself that I can push through and improve with every class!"

    - Tendu Toning Barre
  • "A fun & upbeat workout! Will be back!"

    - Tendu Toning Cardio Barre with Rachel
  • "Rachel is amazing! Great workout."

    - Tendu Toning Barre with Rachel
  • "Rachel is awesome. The class is always fun, but hard. It doesn’t leave you so breathless that you can’t do the next workout. It’s challenging and I’m always sore the next day. I’m starting to see the definition in my muscles."

    - Tendu Toning Barre with Rachel
  • "So much fun! I worked muscles I didn’t even know I had"

    - Tendu Toning Barre with Rachel
  • "What a workout! Rachel is so nice and encourages you to keep it up! Loved it! Definitely coming back"

    - Tendu Toning Barre with Rachel
  • 5:15 am Tendu Toning with Jen is a great way to start the day. It’s a great pace and you get SWEEEEAAATY! It was great! Thanks Jen.

    - Tendu Toning Barre with Rachel
  • "This class is great for beginners and even if you're not a beginner you will still feel the burn. It wasn't as challenging as other barre classes that I have taken, but the instructor was very nice!"

    - Tendu Toning Barre with Rachel
  • "Love that this class is actually taught by a ballerina!"

    - Tendu Toning Cardio Barre with Rachel
  • "Good class, but there was too much downtime in between each set of workouts. However, it was and awesome group of ladies with great attitudes for such an early morning workout too!"

    - Tendu Toning Barre with Rachel
  • "Rachel varies the workouts and they are all great! Be ready to sweat though!"

    - Tendu Toning Cardio Barre with Rachel
  • "I’ve been doing Tendu Toning consistently for 11 weeks now, and I’ve lost 27 lbs!! It’s an amazing and effective workout!!"

    - Tendu Toning Barre with Rachel
  • "Can I just insert a thousand heart eyes emojis as a review? PHENOMENAL CLASS!"

    - Tendu Toning Cardio Barre with Rachel
  • "What an incredible experience! Rachel, you’re a kind soul who really wants your clients to engage and try the work out at their speed. You made it so warm, friendly and fun! EVERYONE take this class. I just had VSG surgery, and she was so accommodating and helped me with all my questions!"

    - Tendu Toning Barre with Rachel
  • "Fair warning: you WILL fall in love with fitness when you start taking this class!"

    - Tendu Toning Barre with Rachel
  • "Every time I leave, I feel brand new!! Thank you for always pushing me and encouraging and BELIEVING IN ME Rachel!!"

    - Tendu Toning Cardio Barre
  • "I wish I could post pictures of the major transformation my body has had in just two months of coming to Tendu Toning. I’m in awe. PHENOMENAL CLASS!"

    - Tendu Toning Pilates Barre with Rachel